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Geology is consistent with that of Nemaska's Whabouchi Lithium Mine, Li-FT Power and Critical Elements lithium projects also located in the district.

Excellent infrastructure through and around property, including airport and highway access within project boundaries.

Top 10 global mining jurisdiction with Federal and Provincial support to develop regional lithium supply chain.

20+ underexplored and undrilled pegmatite outcrops which are potentially spodumene-bearing.


  • 8,300 Ha. in the heart of James Bay, Northern Quebec’s lithium district.

  • In proximity (~23km West) to Nemaska Lithium’s Whabouchi Mine (The Reserve estimates underpin a mine life of 33 years*).
  • Three distinct pegmatite swarms (across 1,190 hectares in total) have been identified during Phase 1 Exploration (Link: August 8th Press Release)

  • Two-thirds of the property remain unexplored.

    (*Source: Nemaska Lithium website)

Pegmatites and Lithium

Pegmatite outcrops are one of the primary sources of lithium in the world. While not all pegmatite deposits contain economic deposits of lithium, there is a strong correlation between the two.

Pegmatites are igneous rocks that are formed from the slow cooling of magma. They are typically enriched in rare elements and minerals due to their slow cooling and crystallization process. Lithium is often found in pegmatites because it is a relatively rare element that is concentrated in the crystal structures of certain minerals, such as spodumene and petalite.